PCR Territory MapMany claims companies and claims service providers promote themselves as having service centers all over the country.

This declaration leaves a gray area of “where exactly are they able to service?” Many times, their so called “service center” is one representative, working from home and serving only a small specific area.

Instead, we call our team of hand-picked, highly trained adjusters “OUR NETWORK.” Each adjuster is expected to uphold the PCR values while providing prompt, reliable service every claim, every time. Professional Claims Representatives shares a unique, long term relationship with our adjusters and our low turnover rate speaks for itself.

Professional Claims Representatives is proud to say we service the Continental United States and Alaska. We believe we hire the nation’s best adjusters who are able to provide vast nationwide coverage.

If you are interested in finding a PCR adjuster in your area please give us a call today. We are ready to check our network of adjusters to find the most qualified team member in your area to fit your specific claim specifications. Our knowledgeable staff is standing by.

CALL US TODAY AT: 866-727-9199

Honesty. Integrity. Quality. PCR is ready to make your claims process an easy one.