Professional Claims Representatives is a trusted provider of insurance services, specializing in daily and catastrophe property adjustments nationwide. We know there is a vast selection when it comes to insurance vendors to choose from. PCR is the best choice because your claims will be handled the right way from the beginning. We wish to assure you of our commitment to provide comprehensive, efficient and cost effective claims handling solutions for you and your policyholders.

With a strong network of experienced team members, our management style combines the most proven methods to deliver effective claims handling solutions 24/7.

about pcrWHO WE ARE:

Formed in 2005 and based in Florida, PCR was designed from the ground up to provide the highest level of integrity, quality, and flexibility of service that the insurance industry requires for their outsourced claims management needs.


Driving customer satisfaction through consistency with end-to-end claims processing is what we do. We believe in the importance of processing every claim with emphasis on cost-effective efficiency and expedience for our clients. Our dedication to the success of each claim makes Professional Claims Representatives one of the nation’s top service providers.


Utilizing the latest technology with old fashioned hard work to provide cost effective, accurate solutions is how we do it. We believe that by investing in the best people, the most efficient technology and the highest level of training we are not only making an investment our future, we are investing in the success of our clients.